What quantum computing could do for marketer's data and information management

The digital era has been hard enough to come to grips with. But at its heart the term ‘digital’ is rooted in a very simple binary code of ones and zeros. So what will life be like when we move to next era of computing beyond digital marketing, and open the possibilities of the quantum realm? Around the world, numerous teams are racing to create the first working quantum computers, which will take advantage of the unusual behavior of matter at the atomic level and may lead to

Tips for Using Data Management to Make Your Digital Transformation

In the modern era companies have to transform. The fast-paced, tech-oriented business landscape demands that, in order to keep up with or even outdo your competition, you have to be thinking ahead. You have to make the changes in data management to your company that are necessary. Business and technology become more and more inextricably linked. The changes that companies seek to make today tend to relate most heavily to technology.We can also refer these changes to as digita