Content Development Tips for Account Based Marketing

Most B2B marketers are already executing, or are thinking about implementing, an Account Based Marketing strategy. Today, B2B marketing is not about generating a huge volume of leads, but rather is focused on reaching specific individuals at specific target accounts. Have you thought about the content requirements associated with ABM? Here are some tips to ensure that your content development plan supports your Account Based Marketing approach. 1. Marketing to an account vs.

4 Ways Emerging Tech Will Redefine Content Marketing

It’s no secret that U.S. consumers spend much of their day engaging with digital content across various platforms, devices and channels. That level of online engagement is expected to continue to rise, especially with the explosion of emerging technologies, which paints a picture of a world where digital content is everywhere. The upshot? Companies will need to completely redefine what qualifies as content and evolve their content marketing strategies accordingly. 1. IoT for

Instagram launches @shop account to promote emerging brands

Instagram launched a new @shop account managed by an internal team that curates shoppable posts from across the app. Content featured on @shop is 100% community-trends driven. The team managing @shop will work with the Community Labs team at Instagram to identify trends, brands and creators that are of interest to their community so the account will be a real-time indicator of what’s new and emerging on Instagram. At launch (with fewer than 15 posts) the account featured prod

Personalization: The Hot New Marketing Trend

In the age of the hyper-connected consumer, delivering a personalized experience is key. We are entering a new year in martech where organizational metrics of success will increasingly be aligned with customer success metrics. In today’s age of dynamic digital disruption, consumers are becoming not just more connected, but hyper-connected. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has meant that more and more customers are becoming hyper-connected across multiple devices tha