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AI and Digital Marketing

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

It is undeniable that data is the new oil that runs the Digital Marketing show all day long. Now with the power of AI in digital marketing, gathering data from different marketing sources can be done with just a click of a button. Which means AI powered digital marketing saves a ton of time for marketers today through automated research & estimation. Imagine, a AI Digital Marketing strategy that can complete your tasks, on time, with near to accurate prediction.

AI offers exceptional opportunities particularly in digital marketing while irrefutably revolutionizing and propelling the industry. AI is the ability of a computer or computer - enabled robotic systems to process massive amounts of in - depth data and produce outcomes similar to the thought processes of humans in learning, analysing, decision making and problem - solving. Hence, AI has enabled marketers to comprehend vast data to gain valuable consumer insights and in turn improve digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketers need to understand this shift and start planning strategies to optimize websites for voice search along with the traditional text - based search. AI is thus emerging as a significant tool to unleash and even elevate the potential of digital marketing strategies. AI is revolutionizing all industries, and digital marketing already in its 'evolving phase’, is the next target of AI this year. When digital marketing fuses with AI, search engines will get much smarter and risk-free, as AI can easily track user 's behavior and predict their future decisions and web behavior. In digital marketing AI implementation strategies not only make things easier for brands but solve customer issues as well. Leveraging AI with digital marketing practices can change the manner in which you connect with your target audience.

Here 's how you can employ Artificial Intelligence technology with your digital marketing strategies to process your users' wants and decisions into customized customer journey. With AI devices like predictive ad content, organizations can drive targeted website and mobile ads to potential clients with content curated as per their interests. "Marketers attest to the fact that success in digital marketing relies on how well you plan your marketing strategy and executing this strategy from the most tedious down to the most menial of tasks.

From forming to execution of your marketing strategies, AI and bots will take your business to a new era of marketing where speed, automation and customer experience is the norm. Using AI in providing better customer experience, predictive analytics and targeted marketing will surely provide a great ROI to businesses. With AI powering the digital marketing initiatives from ground level, chances of trends such as SEO and banner ads becoming obsolete are high. Speech assistants as AI have been the most revolutionary thing in the digital marketing landscape.

Digital marketing based on AI helps in targeting the right audience by focusing on their demands, interests, and other traits. Brands are using the power of AI to personalize email marketing campaigns based on preferences and user behaviors. Advances in data capturing, aggregation, and analysis have upped marketers games enormously when it comes to the first stage and new automation tools make it easier to deploy campaigns through a variety of channels. Digital advertising is without a doubt the area of digital marketing that most successfully adopted and continues to adopt artificial intelligence.

Marketing is becoming an increasingly data - driven discipline and more effective use of data is the key to improving customer experience, personalisation, targeting and more. "For example, it can be used to improve merchandising and personalise the shopping experience: instead of recommending products based on a shopper 's past behaviour or purchases, visual search technology can recommend relevant products based on how they look, helping shoppers find items of a similar or complementary style.” Finally, image recognition is also giving marketers an edge on social media by allowing them to find uses of brand products and logos and identify visual trends. Advances in natural language processing have proven extremely useful for marketers wanting to analyse their brand presence and the conversations around their brand on social media and use those to target campaigns. AI allows brands to perform sentiment analysis on social conversations and understand the prevailing attitude towards their brand and product.

With AI being developed and adopted at lightning speeds, marketers are having to adjust to a new digital environment and its practices. With artificial intelligence continuing to reshape digital marketing moving forward, SMB owners should get ahead of the curve in the early going. Even though AI can't generate content without raw data to work with, it is still a great addition to small companies with little in terms of resources to spare for hired writers. Setting chatbots up on your site and social media pages is quite easy and can introduce a new layer of digital marketing to your brand. Menial tasks such as data research, A / B testing and visual style generation can all be handled by AI algorithms. Using big data analytics, marketing trends, and tracking user preferences, AI can create predictive ad content that places a company 's message directly in front of the people who may be most interested to see it.

Digital marketing requires a new - age communication that should be characterized by advancement, quickness and accuracy in the conveyance of message. AI can effectively transform digital marketing because it can help businesses deliver improved customer experience and revolutionize the content of their email inbox and make their daily emails something to look forward to rather than a task to strike off the to - do list.

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