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Quantum Computing and the Next Generation Workforce

Updated: May 6, 2019

Our client, Quantuum Logix a leader in quantum computing applications is looking for quantum scientists and quantum engineers to join their team in Raleigh, NC. Read on to find out more about quantum computing and building the next generation workforce in emerging quantum fields.

The quantum computing processor, a physical device enabling the principle of quantum computing, is still rather a theoretical concept than a ready-to-implement engineering solution. Yet this notion has been already broken by D-Wave’s shipping the first commercially available quantum computers. IBM has launched a new quantum computing division “IBM Q”, a move that might be a turning point in the commercialization of quantum computing technology. 

The Chicago Quantum Exchange, a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology

, will join forces with the IBM Q Network to provide leaps forward in electronics, computers, sensors and “unhackable” networks. CQE researchers are developing hardware and software for a new generation of quantum computers, synthesizing and characterizing new materials with quantum properties, and probing the ways in which quantum computing and information processing can provide insights into dark matter and black holes.

“As the field of quantum information continues to expand, so will the demand for quantum engineers in industry, government and at universities,” said President Robert J. Zimmer. “Increasing our collaboration with IBM Q and other partners in the Chicago Quantum Exchange will allow our trainees, faculty and their colleagues to contribute to important work in applied science and engineering with strong potential to benefit society.” The postdocs will have access to all member institutions, including a wide breadth of tools and capabilities that make investigation of cutting-edge quantum science and technology possible.

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